How to benefit from xBank

Start using xBank
There are currently four ways for you to participate and benefit from using xBank:

1. As a Lender

It's very simple to become a lender at xBank, you can deposit your assets in one of our many Deposit Markets. You will earn safe and stable yields by lending out your assets to borrowers.
You can visit the step-by-step guide on how to deposit asset at xBank here.

2. As a Borrower

To borrow from xBank, you must first make a deposit and put them up as collateral. Once you've collateralized your deposit, you will be able to take out a loan from any of the deposit pool at xBank.
  • Interest Rate: You will pay an interest rate which is determined by our algorithmic formula. While the rate is variable, it's generally stable as there is a dynamic incentive structure in place for users to provide more deposits if the borrowing rate goes up.
  • Duration: There is no due date for your loan. You can keep it as long as you want and pay back a partially or in-full at anytime.
  • Liquidation: Your collateral could be liquidated to pay back the loan if the value of your collateral falls below the protocol's safety parameter. Read more about liquidation here.
You can visit the step-by-step guide on how to borrow asset at xBank here.

3. As a Liquidator

Liquidator plays a key role in helping enforce our safety parameters, liquidating positions whose debt limit is reached. As a liquidator, you are entitled for a share of the fees generated from Liquidation Penalty, which you will receive upon successfully initiating liquidation on underwater positions.
Currently, there is no UI support for a liquidating function. Liquidators must interact with the smart contract directly. You can find more details about liquidation at xBank here.

4. As a Governor

You can participate in xBank's Governance process by locking your XBANK tokens in the Governance Vault. By participating, you will be able to help determine key decisions regarding the protocol while also get a share of the revenue generated by the protocol.
Note that the governance module is not yet active.