How to acquire testnet tokens

The testnet version will support three currencies: ETH, USDC, and DAI. Since the StarkGate bridge is not ready, you will not be able to bridge assets from the Ethereum Goerli network and will have to mint tokens on the testnet. Please follow the steps below on how to do so.

Acquiring ETH on testnet

Step 1: Visit this link.

Step 2: Insert your account address where you'd like to receive the testnet tokens into the box highlighted in the blue rectangle and then click "Send Request". Please wait for a moment and testnet tokens will be transferred to your account.

Acquiring USDC/DAI on testnet

Step 1: Visit this link and click on the "WRITE CONTRACT" tab.

Step 2: Connect your ArgentX wallet by clicking the "Connect ArgentX Wallet" button. A notification will pop-up asking if you'd like to connect to the Dapp. Click "Connect" to proceed.

Step 3: Toggle the "request_fund" button and input the testnet token contract into the input fields. Once done, click on the "Transact" button. Then, a notification from ArgentX will prompt you to sign the transaction. Click "Sign" to proceed with the transaction. Once done, your transaction will be submitted. Please wait for a few moments for transaction to be executed, and your requested asset should be successfully deposited to your account.

Below are the testnet token contracts:

  • USDC: 0x000cf1f2891ce07dfff3fa1828b5c4cc01ccc603876b913d9e6fc89bad276ba7

  • DAI: 0x04831207050e4b35a50dbb51a389b336c97720f4fd1fdf489b92dab9409baf99

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