🪂Potential zkSync Airdrop

Since Arbitrum Foundation recently airdropped $ARB token to its users and leading protocols operating on Arbitrum, there has been an ongoing speculation that other L2 chains, such as zkSync, would follow along in the same path. While Matter Labs has not confirmed that they will do an airdrop of their native tokens, they have confirmed their plans to launch a governance token in the future.

In the event that xBank receives a share of this governance token airdrop, we are committed to distributing them to our community as bonus incentives, with a significant portion directed retroactively to our early adopters of xBank on zkSync. Here is our distribution plan for the airdrop:

  • 40% of the airdrop will be allocated to esXB token holders.

  • 40% will be reserved for future incentives and initiatives.

  • The remaining 20% will be allocated to the development fund.

Note that esXB can only be acquired through participation in the protocol and cannot be purchased or sold in an open market. More details can be found here.

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