How to read the dashboard

  1. Account Name: This is the name of your account. You can click on the pencil icon to customize the name of your account.

  2. Deposit Balance: This is the total amount of your deposit that is earning interests at xBank, displayed in USD.

  3. Net APY (%): This is the net APY that you are receiving or paying based on the deposits and loans from xBank. If the net APY is negative, your borrowing interest is higher than your deposit interest. If your net APY is positive, your deposit interest is higher than your borrowing interest.

  4. Collateralized: This is the total value of your collateralized asset shown in USD. Your collateralized asset is used to determine your Borrow Limit.

  5. Borrow Balance: This is the balance of the outstanding debt (including accrued interest) that you currently owe to xBank.

  6. Borrow Limit: This is the maximum value of asset that you owe to xBank (Borrow Amount + Interest), as determined by the value of your collateralized asset multiplied by the collateralized asset's Collateral Factor. The Borrow Limit is also displayed in percentage at the top of your dashboard as a function of Debt Balance divided by Borrow Limit. Once your Borrow Limit hits 100%, meaning your debt balance reaches your Borrow Limit, you run the risk of being liquidated. To learn more about how liquidation is conducted at xBank, please visit this link.

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